Our Projects

Designing from A to Z

When designing and implementing interior solutions, it is especially important to create the overall idea that unites space and architecture. The process needs teamwork, professionalism and qualification.


Restaurant - interior design

Small city apartment interior

The challenge here was to use the space to our advantage. Wood decor, textiles in gray and blue, functional furniture. The result - comfort and convenience.

The Orange Pharmacy interior design

When making the furniture of the Orange pharmacy, we tried to emphasize a few things: the name of the pharmacy suggested the presence of the eye-catching orange color; we added white gloss panels that are easy to clean and look shiny and clean; we have kept clean lines in the design of the furniture so that the movement in the room becomes easy and the access to the products is in the maximum service of the clients and employees of the pharmacy.

Home or office furniture

We are presenting you part of the furniture made for a private apartment. However, this furniture would ideally find a place in the office! The coziness created by the wood elegantly harmonizes with the metal frames, which bring austerity and a slight dramatic note.

Modular kitchen in a private home

This kitchen almost creates a sense of industrial style with gray accents and metal elements. Standard cabinets are diversified by open shelves, which create space and predispose to greater freedom in the selection of accessories for decoration.

Kitchen interior design

Kitchen furnishing project, executed from the drawing board to the installation of the last elements. This kitchen is modern, with clean lines and neutral colors, but by no means boring!

Pharmacy furniture in white and red

Pure white and  bright red for an accent! This color range was chosen for this wonderful new pharmacy, and in terms of lines we adhered to a standard modern design with maximum space and functionality.

Office furniture - metal and wood

Strict, modern lines, functionality and minimalism - these are the main ideas you will find in this new office.

Beautiful small condo with mirrors

Clean lines, pastel tones, black accent.
The result - a modern design everyone loves.