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изработка на мебели харбър

Tailored solutions


We work with classic and new materials, tailored to the specifics of the project: natural and artificial fabrics, metal, wood, original stone coating and more. Don't hesitate to ask us any questions!


We can offer template projects for quick execution or create a project especially for you, tailored to the size of the premises, the desired color range and the radiance you want to achieve.


We have experience in the implementation of small, boutique projects for private homes and offices, as well as in the overall implementation of corporate projects. We work both independently or as part of a larger team, when a project requires coordination and joint implementation.


Our team works in Sofia, but many of the projects we implement are designed for different locations in Bulgaria, as well as abroad.


Aesthetics always

We believe that the interior is a reflection of the people who live with it. That is why we try to offer solutions that are in harmony with the people who will enjoy our furniture every day.

The interior is a feeling, a mood, an attitude to life. What is your style? What do you want to achieve? Which textures do you like to touch? Do you like how the wood smells or do you prefer the cold metallic shine... or maybe both? We will try to capture your mood and desire and create the perfect project for you.
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We have the necessary aspiration
and experience

Because we love what we do.
Because we are perfectionists.
Because furniture has a soul!

10 Years

Our Promise

We stand with our name and experience

My goal is the client to feel safe and secure for the result of our joint work.

I love the challenges in my work, the tough projects motivate and inspire me.